There are several ceremonies that can use the services of a celebrant. To name a few, I am happy to help create baby naming ceremonies, anniversaries and milestone events, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies. 

Or perhaps you were legally married overseas and would love to still share with your family here at home? 

There are many more possibilities so if you have ideas, feel free to ask me. xox

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As with weddings, designing other ceremonies should still be personalised, free from obligation and truly express who you are, as well as the nature of the celebration.  

These can include rituals, both alternative and traditional, to enhance the meaning and memories attached to your event, such as tree planting ceremonies, keepsake ceremonies, sand jars or candles, knot tying ceremonies and so many more. You may be surprised to find what cultural rituals you have without knowing them, for example the Celts have beautiful rituals for different life events. 

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